Welcome to Nelson Bridge Club

 No visitors during

Covid-19 Red or Orange levels

21 Haven Road, Nelson, New Zealand

03 548 1999

email: contact@nelsonbridge.co.nz


Bridge Sessions

 Please see the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday pages for event details

and Partner Co-ordinators

Monday – Please be seated by 6.45pm for 7.00pm start

Tuesday – Please be seated by 7.10pm for 7.25pm start

Wednesday – Please be seated by 12.45 for a 1.00pm start

Thursday – Please be seated by 6.45pm for 7.00pm start

Friday – Please be seated by 12.30pm for 12.45pm start

Monday evenings are for Junior and Intermediate players. The purpose of these evenings is to provide a relaxed environment for players to improve their game while playing against people of a similar standard.

Tuesday evenings are for Senior and more experienced players. If you are a visitor and you need a partner for this session, please phone Elena 548 0472.  An alternative pairs session will be run for members and visitors who are not playing in the teams events. Visitors may also play in the Hoggans Swiss Pairs in September (see the Tuesday page for dates) but please let Lindsey know you are coming (027 461 6161).

Wednesday afternoons are very social, informal sessions for all abilities. You do not need a partner for these sessions. Usually there will be an experienced player to answer questions and advise about hands.

Thursday evenings are for a more social game and results are handicapped. Players of any ability are welcome. Some three night competitions are for Monday night players playing with a Tuesday night player – please see the Thursday page for details. All players are welcome on these nights but only Monday/Tuesday partnerships may win the event.

Friday afternoons are very friendly, social sessions held every Friday afternoon for players of all abilities. You need a partner for this session.