Welcome to Nelson Bridge Club

21 Haven Road, Nelson, New Zealand
03 548 1999
email: contact@nelsonbridge.co.nz




Bridge Sessions

 Please see the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday pages for event details and Convenors

Monday – Please be seated by 7pm for 7.15pm start

Tuesday – Please be seated by 7.10pm for 7.25pm start

Thursday – Please be seated by 7.10pm for 7.25pm start

Friday – Please be seated by 12.30pm for 12.45pm start

Monday evenings are for beginner and intermediate players. The purpose of these evenings is to provide a relaxed environment for players to improve their game while playing against people of a similar standard. Visitors: please note teams will be played on 20, 27 July and 3 August 2020

Tuesday evenings are for Senior and more experienced players. You need a partner for this session. An alternative pairs session will be run for members and visitors who are not playing in the teams events. Visitors may also play in the Hoggans Swiss Pairs in September (see the Tuesday page for dates) but please let Lindsey know you are coming (027 461 6161).

Thursday evenings are for a more social game and results are handicapped. Players of any ability are welcome. Some three night competitions are for Senior/Intermediate partnerships – please see the Thursday page for details. All players are welcome on these nights but only Senior/Intermediate partnerships qualify to win the series. You are welcome to come without a partner.

Friday afternoons are very friendly, social sessions held every Friday afternoon for all abilities. You need a partner for this session.

Visitors are welcome – please take note of seating times and check the relevant pages for details of events


Message About Level 2 Restrictions

For the coming week, and perhaps for longer, our Club will be subject to Level 2 restrictions. Bridge Clubs are a permitted activity unless playing numbers exceed 100 (25 tables). Some Clubs may choose to close during this time but a number of our members have urged us to keep the Club open for all sessions. 

Regular Club Play
The Committee has decided to leave it to individual members to decide whether they feel comfortable coming to the Club during Level 2. The views of our caretakers, dealers, directors and scorers, who enable play to occur, have been taken into consideration. Players should note the following precautions however:

  • We will have continuous tea and coffee to minimise intermingling
  • Players are asked to bring their own pens and to try to bring exact table money
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for use AFTER play.  Before and during play please use soap and water, to protect the cards and dealing machine.
  • Please do NOT come to the Club if you are feeling unwell, have a sore throat etc.

We are very sorry to advise as follows:

The (Call-a-Geek) Nelson Intermediate Tournament August 22 is cancelled. 34 pairs had entered. It would have been an excellent day.

The TOPS  Junior/Intermediate Interclub teams August 23 at Richmond is cancelled. We had what we believed to be a strong Junior and Intermediate Team representing our Club and we share their disappointment.

Our lessons will continue but beginners will be contacted to ask that as many as possible attend the Wednesday evening class to reduce the congestion in the back room Monday night. They will also be assured that if they are uncomfortable about coming into the Club during this time, we will ensure they can make up missed classes and will not fall behind.

We will ensure that all members are sent any information we receive that might help their decisions about whether to play at the Club during this difficult time.
Susan Hinkley, President