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National 15A Swiss Pairs 2022 – conditions and regulations
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Online Real Bridge

Hosted by Nelson Bridge Club

Sat 18th and Sunday 19th June 2018

Conditions of Contest and Supplementary Regulations

Format:        Swiss 10 matches of 10

                     Cross Imps converted to VPs.

These Regulations are supplementary to The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 and the NZ Bridge General Tournament Regulations 2022 including the NZ Bridge Online Tournament Regulations, March 2022.

During this Tournament, and within the limits contained in the Tournament Regulations, the Match Committee in consultation with the director, or for reasons of expediency the director only, may make additions and/or alterations to the Supplementary Regulations if it considers it in the best interests of the Tournament to do so.

The first draw will be random as facilitated by Real Bridge; thereafter all draws will be a Swiss draw.

Timetable: See attached.

Players Links:

Links will be emailed to all pairs.

NOTE There are separate links for Saturday and Sunday.These links will also be available on the Nelson Bridge club site.,and the NZ Bridge website

The event will be opened at 9.00am Saturday 18th June and 9.00am Sunday 19th June. Players are expected to be logged on 10 minutes before the start on each day.

List of Pairs:

  A full list of pairs entered is available on the NZ Bridge Tournament page.

Pre match enquiries may be made to the Tournament Secretary Evelyn Muncaster  email: . and Allan Joseph email: mobile: 027 4688972.

Internet Communication:

  • Pairs are to ensure that both players are familiar with playing Real bridge online and have successfully trialled their video and audio connections.
  • Players are required to have the contact phone numbers of their partner available on request in case of communication failure.
  • in the case of wifi communication failure:
  • before the start of the round, contact your partner and try to sort it out.
  • during the round, notify the director, who may ask you to phone your partner to check on the situation.
  • Should a contestant’s wifi communication prevent a board from being played, for the first instance over the whole event this will be scored as Not Played, for the second and subsequent instances NZ Bridge Tournament Regulations paragraph 7. (Punctuality and slow play) will apply.

Allowable Systems: 

Pursuant to NZ Bridge Online Tournament Regulations March 2022, all systems allowed except yellow Systems i.e Hums are not permitted.


Pre alerts. At the start of the match players should pre-alert their opponents using the chat box.

During the round, players should announce and alert as if it were face to face bridge.


The player requesting an undo should call the director; if this player omits to do so, any of the other three players should do so.

Undos will only be allowed for bridge reasons as permitted in the laws.

Player should have their devices set to ‘double click’ as undo’s will not normally be allowed for a ‘mis-click’.


Interim results will be available in the short-term using the links for the event.

Official results will be displayed on, and on the Nelson Bridge club website

Timing and Penalties:

  • Event Timetable. The timetabled start times and finishing times for the rounds are attached in the timetable These may be varied at the discretion of the Director or Match Committee.
  • Late arrival. A contestant not seated within 5 minutes after the start of a round will receive a warning for the first offence, then a penalty of 1 VP for every further offence. More than 5 minutes late, will be dealt with in accordance with NZB Tournament Regulations 7.3.1.
  • Forfeited Matches. As per 7.3.2 and 9.1 NZ Bridge Manual 2022, a pair which defaults or is more than 30minutes late for the start of a round shall forfeit that round and score zero VPs and the minimum IMPs for a 20-0 VP loss 

Their opponents shall score at least 13 VPs and the mean Imps for 13 VPs in accordance with paragraph 9.1 NZ. Bridge Manual 2022

For the purposes of making the next draw, the non-offending pair shall be allocated 13 VPs and the offending pair 10 VPs.

  • Playing time. Players have 70 minutes to complete the round.
  • Withdrawn boards (slow play). When boards are withdrawn by the Director or a round is not completed, both pairs will receive a warning. For subsequent infractions, a procedural penalty will be applied in accordance with NZB Tournament Regulations 2022 7.4.2

If only one pair is responsible for a board/s not being played, then that pair will receive a penalty of 3 Imps per un-played board.


In the event of emergency, a substitute may be allowed at the discretion of the Match Committee/ director in accordance with NZ Bridge Regulations 2022.

Review of Directors Rulings/Appeals:

Directors are happy to review a ruling.

Notice of appeal must be made to the director within 10 minutes of the finishing time of the subsequent round, except for appeals arising from rounds 9 and 10 which must be lodged within 10 minutes of the end of the respective round.

In the case of an appeal, the director will arrange for an online Zoom meeting, not necessarily on the same day, but as soon as practically possible. Such appeals may delay the publication of the final overall results.

The Director may require that players consult with an Appeals Advisor before pursuing the appeal.

Match Committee:           Richard Solomon, Murray Wiggins, Allan Joseph,

Jana Bott

Tournament Secretary:    Evelyn Muncaster

Directors:                         Allan Joseph, Caroline Wiggins

Chief Scorer:                    Kevin Walker


Appeals Advisors:           tba