Club History

1954 Club formed 2 November; Table Money 1/-; Annual Subs 1 guinea; Weekly play in the Hard of Hearing Rooms; Club membership limited to 40.

1955 Affiliated to NZCBA; Howorth Cup first played against Victoria League,

Blenheim; Membership limit raised to 50; Proposal to limit lady members

to 30 was lost; Waiting list introduced for new Members.

1960 First Tournament held -21 tables; 25/- Entry Fee.

1963 2nd. Playing night started;  Membership 137.

1964 Graded nights started; Table money 2/-; Mabin House, 98 Nile Street purchased.

1965 Tuesday and Thursday play.

1968 Table money 3/-; Men now permitted to remove coats and ties in hot weather.

1969 Playing room extended.

1970 First Ladies Tournament – our male members catered.

1972 3 playing nights and Friday social afternoon.

1974 200 member; First Intermediate Tournament was held.

1977 Mortgage paid off.

1979 Table money 70 cents; Computer scoring introduced; Paid Director on Tuesday nights.

1984 Mabin House debt free.

1988 Table money $1.50.

1989 Table money $2; Written bidding introduced; No smoking until after play finished.

1990 Individual competition introduced; Senior membership closed; Electronic wall timer purchased

1992 360 Members; Members vote to build new Club Rooms at 21 Haven Rd.

1993 September, move to new smoke-free building.

1994 Table money $4 on Monday. and Tuesday; Annual subs $50.00.

1995 Howorth Cup won by Nelson for first time in 17 years.

1996 East wall built between Bridge Club and Motorcycle Gang Headquarters, now the site of the Education Department Offices.

1997 Current membership 300+.

1999 Howorth Cup won by Nelson; Automatic Card Dealer Purchased.

2001 Won Marlborough Teams Event.

2002 Sheila Beggs President of The Canterbury Centre.

2004 Club celebrates Golden Jubilee.

2005 Won NZ Intermediate Teams

2009 Mortgage on the Haven Road premises paid off.

2010 New 7th Region – The Top of The South which includes  Golden Bay, Kaikoura,

Marlborough, Motueka, Nelson, Picton, Richmond, Westport.

2010 New table cloths & under mats; new stove and shade sail Caretaker’s flat.

2011  Laptop & Electronic BridgePads purchased; The Green Trophy won 1st. time  in five years; Increase in table money Monday/Tuesday $5.00, Thursday $4.00. (Friday stays $3.00); Howorth Cup won after twelve years.

2012 National Swiss Pairs 15A Tournament, 2 day event held first time in the South Island, hosted by Nelson.  Howorth Cup  won by Nelson.

2013  The 20th Anniversary of the new Club Rooms in Haven Road; Won the Howorth Cup for the third year in succession; Outside of Club painted; new carpet and Lino in Caretakers flat.

2014 The 60th Anniversary of Nelson Contract Bridge Club, 2 November 1954-2014;   Celebrated on 9 November with the opening of the Anniversary Garden; Friday table money increased to $4; The Michael Green Trophy now a TOTS 3B Tournament

2015 The South Island Pairs a 20A point tournament was hosted by Nelson for the first time; New dealing machine purchased.

2016 Tony Hinkley elected Life Member

2017 20A Teams Tournament held in Nelson for the first time; New chairs purchased

2018 Nelson won the Howorth Cup; An AED was donated by three members; Non playing directors for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.

2019 The Clubhouse was painted partially paid for by a grant from the Rata Foundation. National Teams 15A Tournament was hosted.

2020    Covid-19 Pandemic announced in March. All New Zealand Bridge Clubs requested to abide by national guidelines for Alert levels 1-4. Many tournaments and events cancelled. An unprecedented 33 new members joined the club after lessons in September.

2021    Electronic tablets for scoring and a cashless table money system were introduced. The Covid19 Pandemic continued to affect play. The airconditioning system was replaced.