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Photos from the Nelson Teams 5A – 11 March 2017
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Vicki & Bevan Russell with Rebecca Osborne. 4th in Hearts with team mates Jane Worthington and Kathryn Brookes.







Wayne McCoy, Kevin Hill, Barbara Gordon & Raewyn Taylor. 3rd in hearts







The winning team.
Steve Gray, Lindsey Guy, Robyn Freeman-Greene & Dale Lacey







John and Margaret Challies, Barry Simpson & Phil Donaldson. 5th Overall and 2nd in Hearts.








Katherine Walter, Rosemary Kenning, Sally Astridge & Elena Hufflett. 4th Overall and 1st in Hearts






Adrian Abraham, Tony Oberdries, Carol & Roger Minchin. 3rd Overall






Pamela Dravitzki, Jana Bott, Ray Cannell & Rebecca Osborne. 2nd Overall


Photos from 2016
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Earnest Rutherford Intermediate 8B Aug 2013
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John and Linda Dow enjoying themselves


Helen Robinson, Beth Burdett and Ann Blackie


Steve Aitken and Diane Groom with Debbie our sponsor from ER


Debbie, Ruth & Helen


The Director (Adrian) checking out what is on offer.


A fine spread of baking by the members awaiting our sponsors judging decision.

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60th Anniversary and a new garden Nov 2014
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Xmas 2015
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2011 Xmas party and trophy winners. Click on image to get full photo.
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The winning Howorth Cup Team 2011
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The winning Howorth Cup team from the left;

Carol & Roger Minchin, Sheila Beggs & Adrian Abraham, Sita Monoghan & Tony Hinkley, Lindsey Guy & Steve Gray